Brooke Telecom offers all the latest handsets on Canada’s largest & fastest LTE network! Visit our Watford, Inwood or Petrolia locations to pick up a cell phone today!  If we don’t have a phone you are looking for we would be happy to order it for you if it is available!

Is your current cell phone with a different provider?  Did you know you can switch to Brooke Telecom and keep your same number?!  We are able to bring your number over from a different provider, all we need is the name on the account, the account number, and obviously your cell phone number!  When we bring your number over it will automatically cancel with your old provider.  To avoid surprise cancellation fees, please contact them to verify what the cancellation charges could be if you switch to Brooke Telecom.

Your Rights as a Wireless Consumer

shutterstock_99396962Open to Serve you at Three Locations

Brooke Telecom has three different locations available to serve you for your cellular needs.  For location information, click here.

Rate Plans

Brooke Telecom’s rate plans offer a variety of options for every user! Find a rate plan with the mix of anytime, night and weekend minutes that’s right for you!  We have some of our plans listed below but please be sure to contact a cellular representative to see about any promotional plans Brooke might have available.

Q&A and Support

If you have questions on your cellular service with Brooke Telecom or need support, please click here, otherwise contact one of our offices to speak with a cellular representative.



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