Dedicated to its members’ needs, Brooke Telecom provides reliable, state of the art communication services including home phone, long distance, high speed internet, digital television and cellular services. Brooke Telecom has provided telephone service to the rural exchanges of Inwood, Alvinston, and Watford since 1911. Once a small company established to offer simple telephone service, we have been rapidly expanding to bring the most up to date technology to the communities we serve.

A Co-operative Company

Brooke Telecom is a co-operative company. A cooperative is a group of people acting together to meet the common needs and aspirations of its members, sharing ownership and making decisions democratically. Co-operatives are not about making big profits for shareholders, but creating value for customers – this is what gives cooperatives a unique character, and influences our values and principles. A portion of profits and earnings generated by the cooperative are distributed among the members once a year, in the form of a bill credit called patronage. Becoming a member of Brooke Telecom Co-operative is easy! Just complete our membership agreement form and pay $1.00 upon signing up for our home phone service.

As a co-operative company, we strive to create a fair and ethical business practice, as well as pursue social responsibility by giving back to the communities we serve. Being established for over 100 years, you can be assured that our company has all intentions of continuing to give our members the best service possible, while giving you an opportunity to own a piece of history!

The members of the co-operative are represented by a Board of Directors. They are responsible for over-seeing the financial and business practices of the company. Our Board of Directors are local members of the community who are elected through a vote that is held at our annual meeting.

Meet our Board of Directors

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